Phone Dependencies

While off for a walk with my boyfriend and his teenage daughter, the conversation turned to who was bringing along their phone. Generally I take the stance of no phones (and voiced my opinion), but walked away from the conversation feeling more rebellious than the teenager.

Several days later, while soaking in the tub, it came to me why I didn't want to bring my phone and why it touched a nerve. Choosing to carry a phone 24-7 requires sacrifice. It isn't all gain; there's also something we give up. -some freedom, rawness, independence, some knowing what it's like to not be "on call", feeling what it was like before cell phones. We solve problems differently when we don't have the power and convenience of a phone. 

I don't want to forget those strengths and I don't want to fear not being without my phone. So every now and then I just leave the phone at home. And to be honest, it really isn't even that eventful because almost every person you come into contact has one. Really where is the adventure!        

XX, Angelina