Addy is the face of Beklina these days. We thought you might be curious to know more about this fun and beautiful girl, so here you go.....

Favorite line in the shop
Ace & Jig, it's so organic and soft that I want to wear it all day, everyday.

Your major
Childhood Education

Dream job
Teaching children who want to learn and succeed in the world.

Pet peeve
Tardiness and people who eat while talking on the phone -oh no, I totally do both!

Favorite part of your personal style
Every black shirt I own goes well with skinny jeans and heels!

Last book you read and what did you think of it
“If I Loved You I Would Tell You This" by Robin Black. It is definitely one of my favorites, it is so fearlessly honest and brilliant, must read!

If you had a super natural power what would it be?
Mimicry, so that i could be really great at everything every!

Favorite age (so far)
Right now, everyday i get older and everyday i get better.  -good answer!

Where were you born and where would you like to die?
Santa Cruz, CA
Somewhere in the sun