Q & A With Jeweler Leigh Miller

Native-Modern is one of my favorite catchall style terms. It's that perfect mix I love of organic, rustic, earthy, balanced by fresh, now, modern. Leigh Miller's work embodies this mix perfectly. See our mini question and answer session below...

Angelina: What was your very first job ever?   

Leigh: I started working at a Ritz Camera 2 blocks from my house when I was 14 years old. I was so young; I wasn't even allowed to handle the processing chemicals. My boss was a woman named Susan from Iowa who work purple eyeshadow everyday and had a permed, blond mullet.  And yes, I totally saw some dirty pics. Pre-snapchat days.

Leigh Miller Jeweler

Leigh in the pool...

A: Do you have a personal mantra?  

L:  I have a few:

1) If you can dream it, it can happen.

2) Be kind. Always.

3) Don't be hard on yourself. If you give 100% everyday, then there is nothing more you could have done! 

A: Have you worked on other mediums besides jewelry?

L: I used to design clothing, which was great in many respects, but when I realized the endless potential of material and form in jewelry I had to make the leap. 

A: What's filling your head these days? (can be anything, like you're noticing lady bugs are hatching... ANYTHING

L: What plants can I fill the new studio with. (Outside of new studio below)

A: How do you approach getting dressed on an average day?

L: A combo of weather and what I will be doing. Living in NY for 10 years trained me to look at the weather to get dressed. If I am working on jewelry that day I wear my "studio clothes"(jewelry-making can get messy). 

A: Please give us a weird little trivia fact about your personal style...  

L: I am currently dressed like a vendor on the Venice Beach Boardwalk in the early 90's. Kinda. Mostly.

A: Favorite fruit? -and how do you take it.

L: My favorite fruit is mangosteen; and I have only ever seen it fresh. I discovered it in Thailand. They call is the "queen's fruit" and it's said to have been queen Elizabeth's favorite fruit. It is sour and sweet and delicious, like msg in fruit form.

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