Q & A With Carla Of Carla Colour

Angelina: What was your first job?

Carla: During my high school years I worked at a local Indian restaurant. When the restaurant wasn’t busy the owner would get me to do his teenage son’s project work. So I was part-time waitress, and part-time ghostwriter.

A: How did you get into sunglasses?

C: I’m short-sighted and have worn op4cal frames since I was 20. I always struggled to find glasses I liked, so I dreamed of making my own for years. Then I fell pregnant with twins and realized if I didn’t launch my brand before they arrived I’d never do it! So I harnessed my second trimester hormones and made it happen. My husband also played a huge role, inspiring me to let go of my fear and take the leap.

Carla Colour

A: I have light sensitive eyes, and have lived in sunglasses since high school. When designing do you ever think about your glasses as a objects that help people, not just look great, but healthy? -sun protection, etc.

C: Absolutely! This is a very important part of my brand. I’m a minimalist at heart and believe that the best design is when form and function work in harmony. I use high quality lenses in great colours that block 100% of the harmful UVA + UVB rays. Safe and Sexy!

A: I was blown away with your latest short film campaign, how did it come to be...

C: I collaborated with my friend, Scott Pickett, to make our campaign film BALESTRA. It was shot in a brutalistic housing estate outside of Paris and centres around the concept of INSPIRATION. The mind going to work, fighting it out. The collision of thought. One idea versus another boom...the burst of a sparkling colourful revelation. -see film at bottom of page

A: Last think you ate?

C: Banana slices with peanut butter (I have 3 year old twins.)

A: Favorite low-brow indulgence?

C: I’m a avid thrifter and flea market hunter. It’s my favourite sport! I love the thrill of the hunt!

A: Wouldn’t it be weird if...

C: I found myself in an all night Dolly Parton YouTube wormhole...

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And checkout Carla's short film here... (You won't be disappointed!)


Scott Pickett - Carla Colour Fashion Film - Balestra from Jungle on Vimeo.