A Day In The Roman Countryside By Abigail Lewis Menasse


The sun seems to always be shining here. I constantly shift my head in the house to block its strong rays from my eyes, just like now as I’m writing this. It’s winter but you wouldn’t know it. Early morning walks with Nico and Lou can be pretty frosty though. When we go say hi to the horses (our neighbours) the icy grass crackles under our feet. The house is so silent and sleepy. A welcome change after living 7 years in the chaos of Rome! There are only hills and trees in sight, apart from the small farm on the hilltop, whose donkeys you can hear braying throughout the day. 
When preparing a meal or coffee or just gazing out the windows, I like to put on a playlist. This is one of my favorites...


Abigail lives outside of Rome. She's a long time Beklina model, friend and customer, and of course, a Beklina Woman. She's wearing Anntian & Beklina.