Beklina Woman / Christine Brown

Christine works as a sous chef, recipe developer, and floral designer at a private concept supper club called The Daphne. She host events that are often political in nature, like their upcoming December event celebrating the food and music of Central America, and benefiting American Gateways an organization that protects human rights of immigrants, refugees and survivors of persecution, torture, conflict and human trafficking through exceptional immigration legal services at no or low cost, education and advocacy. They also host many events that are simply celebrations of beautiful food in the beautiful historic home of her boss.

She also occasionally does floral, for either part time work or as a hobby. 

"I would definitely say my favorite hobby is food. I’m obsessed with eating food, trying new restaurants, reading cook books, and cooking. When I travel, the highlight of my trip is always the meals. Food tells a story just as much as art, music or fashion. I also love flowers, art, and going to see shows. Many of my friends in Austin make electronic music or DJ, so I try to go out to their shows once or twice a week, though I have never had the skill set to make music. I think not being able to makes me appreciate it more in other people. 

I have two chihuahuas and they are awful, terrible little dogs that I love so so much."

Christine is wearing the Beklina Matisse Platforms.

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