Interview With Hui Hui

Hui Hui

Who are the designers behind Hui Hui?

Hui Hui is Anne Schwätzler, and sisters Katharina and Johanna Trudzinski. All three have design degrees and Katharina a postgraduate in fine arts. Everything happens in close collaboration with each other. 

The responsibilities are... Katharina: prints and art direction, Anne: design production, Johanna: design, patterns.

How long have you been working together?

Over ten years

If you could have your mother or father cook you any meal what would it be?

Johanna -Osso Buco

Katharina -cream puff with strawberries

What’s the best advice you have been given?

Johanna -multitasking doesn't work

Anne -stop grumping

Johanna, Katharina and Anne -believe in your own feeling to your body and your health

Do you have a hobby?

We love leisure. Doing things like, dancing, pottery, gardening with our daughters, foraging for nothing in particular at flea markets and thrift stores, cooking and even more so, eating. All of those are even better when friends are involved.

If you had to leave the Germany where would you live?

Anne would move from hamburg to Marseille.

Johanna leave Antwerp for New York.

Katharina would move from Berlin and closer to the sea. 

Do you see your style changing when you get older and what about when you’re 80, how do you imagine your style?

We do change a little along the way with each new collection we make. Let´s hope we gain style by getting older.

Hui Hui

Last movie

What Happened Miss Simone, a documentary about Nina Aimone

Last book

Nell Zink, The Wallcreeper

Last thing you ate

Some kind of self made trail mix

Last hard choice

Is he the one?

Last gift you received

Instax camera

Last purchase

Etsy made to measure chunky mohair sweater, can´t wait!

Last argument

Arguing with kids can be quite confronting...

Last kiss

kinder küsse

Last comfort

It´s spring in Europe, so finally green-again garden.

Last thing you’re coveting at Beklina

Enamel lockets, all the rugs especially,  and Rachel Comey´s swimwear

Hui Hui

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