Interview / Yoko Of Eatable Of Many Orders

A long time fan of Eatable Of Many Orders and their wooden and leather hand made bags, I hoped to track Yoko down this summer while vacationing in Japan. Graciously, the day before moving her studio, she offered to pick Carmella and I up from the Atami train station and take us to her home for tea, conversation and a tour.

Side note, Atami is a cool city that I plan to return to. On the ocean and all hills like San Francisco, and just a quick 45 minute train ride to Tokyo. Yet unlike SF, there's the occasional wild monkey.

Eatable Of Many Orders

Coffee or tea?
Chai or cafe latte

What’s a common meal in your home?
Rice and miso soup. Main dish of local sun dried grilled fish is the usual case, with at least two side dishes, salad and fresh local vegetables. 

Favorite fruits?
Loquats, peach, apple, pears, grapes.

One of your favorites that you’ve made?
The hanger bag, born 10 years ago, it has evolved through the years, and continues to invite new customers to the brand.

Current inspirations?
Spaghetti and string figure, the Spring Summer 2017 inspiration

If you could have your mother or father cook you a meal what would it be?
My mom's potato croquettes

We tell ourselves stories in order to live, what is the story you are currently telling about yourself?
Live for the moment

If you had to leave Japan where would you go?
Somewhere in Mexico or South America

I know you went to school in the states, what do you miss most about the states?
I miss the people and the mixture of culture.

What moments do you strive to create in your life?
To keep up with balancing work and family

Eatable Of Many OrdersEatable Of Many OrdersEatable Of Many OrdersEatable Of Many OrdersEatable Of Many OrdersEatable Of Many OrdersEatable Of Many OrdersEatable Of Many Orders

Thank you Yoko!

You can find the bags here. We're also stocking the Hanger bag asap. xx Angelina