Mini Interview chain.. Risha Lee / art curator & customer

Risha has been a customer of Beklina since 2009. Last year we actually ran into each other at the security line at the San Francisco airport. She was wearing a t-shirt I designed and I introduced myself. It was an extreme treat for me to see one of my prints in action, and to meet a long time customer in person.

Risha's day job is curatoring at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York. She's a typical New Yorker, working all the time, and when not working she grows orchids, takes medium-length walks on the beach, and seasons her wok. Check out the interview below. Questions asked by Cristina Camacho.

ps- Risha is wearing some of her Beklina / Lina Rennell t-shirts below photos.

If you were a color, what color would you be? 

Peachy-bronze, like your mom's favorite blush from the 80s

What was your childhood favorite outfit? (Or the one you hated the most but your parents made you use) 

I recall a divine pair of magenta culottes that went with anything. I also really loved the whole boxer brief/pocket tee trend from the Gap. And I'm slightly embarrassed to admit this, but I went through an extended period of wearing colored suspenders with white t-shirts and boys' embroidered vests. I think I was inspired by imagery from The Babysitter's club book covers or something?

What was the last gift you gave to someone? 

Enamel pins of nachos and colored sprinkles from Greenwich Letterpress

Choose one of these superpowers: 1.Teleportation 2.WikiPower (You just know EVERYTHING) 3.Invisibility 

Teleportation, hands down. Imagine hiking mt diablo in the morning and then climbing the stupa at Borobudur in the evening. That would be a mind blowing gift.

 xx Thank you Risha!