Mini Interview... Shara of Lotfi

Check out this new season's Lotfi bags here, and enjoy Shara's (the designer behind Lotfi) answers to Johanneses questions below...


Are you a City person, An island person or Nature person? And who made you into that person? 

Even though I dreamed about living on a farm when I was little, I would have to say I'm a city person. I like being able to walk a few minutes in any direction to find more people, coffee, groceries, etc. But I think one day I'll turn into an island person. Or a small town person.

When do you get afraid?

At night, right before I fall asleep. I can't stop my brain from thinking about all the things that could go wrong. 

Name your favourite duo! (Example: Lennon-McCartney)

Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons 

Name three favourite colors, do you eventually wear them sometimes? 

Red, ochre, brown. Living in San Francisco, I don't get to wear my red t-shirt often enough because you most often need and a sweater and jacket.