Mini Interview With Gretchen Jones

These days I follow Gretchen on Instagram, but I first came across her work, a couple years before Project Runway, when I sold her handmade accessories at Beklina. She regularly inspires me with her work, unique path, and grounded character.

Tea or coffee?

I love a super hot cup of coffee in the morning, with a single warm up to get my day started. And in the winter I like to sip tea the rest of the day. 

Go-to meal?

I've become a pretty great homemade pizza maker. We get artisanal with it and try to incorporate seasonal produce in a 'salad pizza' kind of way.

Favorite textile?

I love silk linen and cotton voile. Both are elegant like pure silk, but easier to wear within my lifestyle. I prefer them in earth tones, my favorite in particular are nudes, mauve/rose, cream, camel olive, putty, and charcoal/black. I used to wear a lot of print, but rarely do anymore. That said, I'm a sucker for a good floral and always will be!

Favorite metal?

Rose gold. 

Favorite rock, stone or mineral?

Rose quarts, onyx & buffalo turquoise 

What’s your sign?


If you had to wear colorful prints from head to toe, what designer would you turn to?

Dries Van Noten

Do you have a new years resolution?

To create a daily ritual that starts with a gratitude ceremony & to curb my consumption of rosé (which I adore).

Art/object in your home/space that you love and inspires you visually… 

What’s something you're working on this month?

I just launched my civic engagement project Good Support. I'm very proud of it, and all those who signed on to help that vision become a reality. I'm also in the midst of getting my MBA (fashion) degree at the UAL's London College of Fashion. I just dove into the finance course, which is my weakest area and I'm nervous about all the math I have to do!? 

Any big trips on the horizon?

I'll be back in London for school in April, hoping to pop over to Copenhagen to visit friends before coming back stateside. My husband and I are planning a long camping trip in SW Colorado and Northern New Mexico. Milan, Italy in July w/ school again... will be a good travel schedule for the next 6 months! I'm excited.

Do you have a personal mantra?

I have two. "What you settle for, is all you will get." & "Be the change you seek."

Thank you Gretchen! xox -Angelina