Mini Interview With Hannah Keefe Of HannahK

HannahK is our favorite new jewelry line we brought into the shop over the holidays. All her work is made by hand in Los Angeles. She uses brass chain and silver solder to explore geometric forms; each piece is an original work, with the unique patinas revealing the responsiveness of metals to the handmade process and the chemistry of the body. So excited to share our mini interview below...

Tea or coffee?

I drink quite a lot of black coffee.

Go-to meal?

Kale salad - total la cliché

Favorite metal?


Favorite rock, stone or mineral?


What’s your sign?


If you had to wear colorful prints from head to toe, what designer would you turn to?


Do you have a new years resolution?

Run more!
Sleep more!
Be a better listener!

A quick phone pic of some piece of art or object in your home/space that you love and inspires you visually…

What’s something you're working on this month?

Soldering permanent gold wire bracelets on people :-)

What’s a personal mantra of yours?

Duct tape!

See the collection here.