Q & A With Creative Director Autumn Kimball

Autumn Kimball is the creative director at Kind Human, mom of six boys and Beklina customer. We are so grateful when our customers tag us on Instagram, not just because they're sharing Beklina with their friends and followers, but especially because we can see who our customers are, and it's an inspiring wonderful group of woman, that we're proud to reach.

Angelina: Where did you grew up?

Autumn: I grew up in downtown Denver. 

What was your very first job ever?

My first job was working retail in high school.

Do you collect anything?

I collect experiences from travel, vintage jewelry, and Scandinavian pottery.

What's your favorite things about being your age right now?

I turn 40 in a couple weeks and I feel 26. Which gives me a kick because I always thought you're a has-been at 40, and too tired to thrive. Not the case at least for me; I find it the most relevant time in my life thus far for my creativity, execution, motherhood, and what I find beautiful in myself. I’m completely uninterested in outside influences social or media concerning my worth or style I find I’m very settled in my own skin, which makes me feel sure footed in my life.

As a mom, do you have a mantra that gets you through especially tough moments?

My mantra in motherhood for when my kids seem to be drifting or it feels like a tidal wave of crazy is... am I raising good humans? Do I care more about the grades or the fact they aren’t putting in the effort... do they know they are loved even when they are in trouble? In a house full of only boys, being the only woman I also find myself focusing on their core knowledge that a woman’s purpose and love is not to serve them and their every desire. Just like them, any woman has ambitions and dreams and feelings equal to their own. That one is huge for me.

What's a current curiosity, something you've been thinking about, or wanting to try, or just on your mind, heavy or light?

My current consciousness and direction in my life that I find, is executing on the ambitions which will impact my boys more than my words. I know my kids are of an age where their observations and experiences are more impactful than anything I say right now. So I need to follow through, share what I’m trying to do or work on in my life, so I and they can live an authentic relationship. I hope it leads to them sharing their thoughts and lives with me when a normal teenager shuts down. Being authentic and transparent is my personal mantra.

When was the last time you wore your Beklina clogs?

I’m Norwegian American and clogs were my first pair of shoes as a little girl. So it’s only natural I look for clogs and prefer to wear them year round. I love the Beklina's clog colors because I find they make me smile every time I look down at my feet. I wore them to my kids LAX game and another mom said “Well aren’t they happy shoes!?” I would own every color.

Thank you Autumn!

To see more of this beautiful woman (inside and out) she's at @kimballcreative. xx

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