Q & A with Designer Julia Heuer

Julia Heuer is one of those designers with a truly unique and recognizable style. We started carrying her work just this year and are already mesmerized by the detail and the story of each piece. Julia has made prints for the likes of Commes de Garcons, Christian Dior and Calvin Klein, and in 2016 won the Swiss Design Award for her collection Adobe Indigo. Each piece is a masterful work of art and we were lucky enough to get a glimpse into her life and process. 

Alexis: Where are you from and how has that influenced you as a designer?

Julia: I am from a small town in the south of Germany called Rottweil. Not sure how this has effected me as a designer. Maybe in the way that I felt not pressured in being creative.

What was your first job ever?

Working at a bar.

What do you collect?

Vinyls, ethnical textiles and ex-boyfriends. 

What kinds of things do you gather inspiration from?

All sorts of pictures that I come across. It can be a painting, a foot, a video...The way that colors and patterns work together always delights me. I find great joy in colors.

Where or how did you acquire your unique pleating and printing process?

I learned about the Arashi shibori technique that I use to pleat in my studies. After my studies I worked as a textile designer for the company Jakob Schlaepfer where I designed prints for other fashion houses. The combination of the two came naturally over the years of doing both...

What is the best advice that someone has given you?

Don't be afraid to fail.

What are you currently intrigued with? It can be a song, or a style...anything really.

With the way people dress in New York. I miss this craziness in Paris. And I rediscovered the album Ring, of my friend, the singer Glasser- I am a bit obsessed with it right now.

You can see more of Julia's stuff in our studio here