Q & A With Photographer Ashley Sophia Clark

I don't remember when I first started following Ashely and her photos, online and years ago. Her vibe/voice has remained strong over the years, and I find myself very attracted to it, creative, experimental, open, with elements of how dreams feel. And I love that Beklina's blue clogs fit into her world, and we can co-be. xx

Angelina: What was your first job ever?

Ashley: My first job ever was babysitting my little brothers for five dollars an hour. Actually, maybe it was three dollars an hour. I remember thinking I was going to be so rich. Of course, we would torture each other, because family and I would call my mom on the landline and be like, "please come home and fire me". She would say, "tell them to stop' and hang up on me. Obviously, they are my best best friends now. I'm sure all of this relates. My second job was at a movie theater in the mall. We had to wear a uniform. It was so ugly. There was a bow-tie and a red vest involved. I tried to make it fashion by wearing fringe pants and Doc Martins. I got sent home. I must have seen Brokedown Palace with Claire Danes on my lunch break like 17 times.

A: What's your average day look like?

Ashley: It probably involves being late to something and listening to You Tube astrology tarot. I want to try to not have an average day in the future.

A: What advice would you give to someone just starting their career in your field?

Ashley: No advice, just support. I feel more like a cosmic cheerleader than a life coach with helpful tips on how to function in 3D. Experiments + intuition = energetic compass? Something like that.

A: When shooting I've come to learn that my favorite shots are when I'm able to capture someone/thing that feels like it's part of a bigger whole story. Like, a single frame in a film, and even better if it's infused with a lot of emotion. I would love to know one of the ways you shoot, or one of your internal dialogs, etc. Just some insight into the world of your "eye".

Ashley: I love that. The flash of a larger narrative, a continuation, a hint. I like to see in feelings. To be surprised and reminded and confused. Post vocabulary. Visual post it notes. Tiny meditations on multiple realities. Future.  

A: Can you share a couple of your all time favorite photos that you've taken...

A: When I think of Portland, I think of some of the best eating out; some could say it surpasses NYC. What are two of your favorite spots to eat in Portland? And what do you order?

Ashley: Holiday and Angel Face! Holiday is plant based and it always takes me forever to order because I'm very indecisive and because every option looks like the best option. I love the carrot juice and magic water (health!), the shroom latte (adaptogens!), and all the toasts. Angel Face is my favorite bar because everyone that works there is an actual angel and they make drinks using magic and you run into all your friends like in Cheers. I usually get something with Campari because I wish I was Italian.

A: Please give us a weird little trivia fact about your personal style...

Ashley: I love pastels and I dress emotionally. Summer, sun, and crop tops are my happy thoughts. I think I'm allergic to fall and winter. I pick my outfit based on what color I feel like that day. I'm pretty sure it's a chakra balancing thing. Pink with purple, lace tracksuits, Molly Goddard dresses, and bike shorts are currently my favorite clothing narratives. I love stories.

See Ashley's insta here.