3 Ways To Style A Silk Scarf By Carmella

Scarves, are one of the most versatile garments and staples, around the world and in all our closets. Their universal style-versatility make them one of a few embellishments to transcend geography and time.

The simple act of watching a silk scarf smooth all light that cascades upon it can evoke the palpable sense of it’s touch. And it’s gentle folds elicit the same organic feeling one might experience while looking out over rolling hills. The colors translucency shine as if imprinted onto metal, like the scarf was woven out of pure gold; although, the garment has more facets than merely those picked up by the conscious mind. Someone adorned in a scarf emits a subtle femininity swathing them in an air of elegance, no matter what the often undervalued accessory is paired with. There is an ethereal nature woven within that obliges those embellished to belong in a dreamy trance.

The new Epice Silk Scarf embodies all these same characteristics. In addition, it bears a checker print that draws you back in time. Here are 3 ways to wear it — with any hair type — like a Beklina woman.

The tri-fold

When you imagine a silk scarf, you most likely imagine it being worn in this classic style. The tri-fold has been a well known French and Italian fashion staple. It is not only guaranteed to sophisticate, but will also keep your hair out of your face and preserved on a windy day.

The tie-top

This modern take is perfect for a hot summer day, or when you are feeling a spike of style ennui. It leaves a beautiful canvas for jewelry on the decolletage.

The bonnet

Our latest craze at Beklina is this underrated style. Take a scarf and wrap it over a wide-brimmed hat. This modern take on Victorian style throws us back to the 1830s, and will elevate as well as shelter from the elements.

Find the Epice scarf here.