Interview With Beklina Founder & Designer

By Abigail Lewis

Original and direct, Angelina eludes labels and convention. She is as enigmatic as she is personable, as whimsical as she is down to earth. In over 6 years of working together, my time with Angelina continues to be a refreshing treat that I look forward to with gusto. See our interview below...

Angelina Rennell

What are you wearing right now?

Pjs from my collection from, two years ago, blue Small Mountain Print. I wear my Pjs every night.

What's your sign and enneagram?

Aquarius and number 5

What would most people be surprised to know about you?

I hate "typical shopping", and especially malls. -which I find downright depressing, even really nice ones. It's all too too much.

Something you’re seeking more of in life?

Ideas and perspectives, that free my mind, and make me feel joy just thinking about them.

Most unlikely, or strangest, source of inspiration?

Taboos, only those who know me well, know I’m drawn to challenging them. 

If you were a cocktail what would you be?

Lots of fruit and basil, fresh as can be and made with love. -as in “Water For Chocolate” love. A beautiful concoction that leaves you inspired, and communicating with others like never before. One drink and you’re drunk. 

Favorite flavor?

Fresh Tarragon, mixed herbs, fresh and fruity, and then maybe oil, spice and heat. I grew up in restaurants, definitely a foodie. My cooking style is easy/lazy, simple good produce. I prefer to just have salad every night for dinner.

What is your ‘go-to’ meal?

Big baby mix green salad, olive oil, feta, nuts and basaltic vinegar, and salt on a bed of warm roasted potatoes. Heaven.

In what ways are you the same as your childhood self?

It’s a feeling, a way I feel about myself, a cozy connection to nature. I have held on to that feeling pretty well.

Which trend do you wish would come back, and which trend should stay away forever?

Big messy hair, amen! come back. And low waisted jeans, I hate you.

In what ways would you like to see yourself change as you grow older?

Deeper confidence in being an individual, -more authentic and kind

More letting go of the material, and more embracing love and friendship.

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One guilty pleasure...

I can be a glutton with food and time.

Three things you would like to let go of...

Anxiety, fear of heights and some of my too-large-collection of nostalgic items.

Five things you can’t live without...

The light version…. A good cast iron pot, onions, hot baths, 8 hours of sleep and daydreaming.

Last thing that surprised you?

That technology is just in it’s baby stages, we have so far to go. But we need to survive as a species and planet to keep going. 

Last time you pushed the boundaries of your comfort zone?

Having anxiety, this is easy to do almost any day of the week.

Last romantic gesture someone did for you?

My boyfriend gave me $20. for no reason. We were out having drinks in San Francisco, and after he bought a round he gave me a $20. I do not know why but this pleased me oh so. I’m really a cheap date.

Last time you felt culture shock?

I met a girl a few weeks ago, and felt a little culture shock. She was a native Californian, but it felt like we were from different worlds. I could feel myself trying to connect to her, and not sure if I was connecting at all. Communication wasn’t easy.

The election feels a bit like culture shock.

Last meal, what would you request?

Several fresh young coconuts (one isn’t quite enough), and taco bar with everything, and Thai papaya salad.

Last gift you gave?

Buckwheat pillow to my boyfriend after returning from Japan.