Spaceship House Interview

I call my mother's house the spaceship house. It appears on the Beklina site from time to time. -a short walk from the studio, a block from the beach, and a perfect backdrop. Hope you enjoy this foggy Sunday mini house-interview with my mother Cynthia and feel free to email ( if you find yourself more curious. 

spaceship house la selva beklina

What’s your favorite part of the house?

All of it

What’s your least favorite part of the house?

None of it

Who built the house?

Mary Gordon built the house in 1969. She was a landscape architect from Palo Alto.

Is there a name for this style?


Why did you buy the house?

I was attracted to its flowing, curving, organic shape.

Where were you born?

Silicon Valley, California

What’s your perfect meal?

Angel hair pasta with heirloom tomatoes and chilled Pinot Grigio

If you have to leave the country and live someplace else, where?

The moon

What was the last hard choice you made?

To kill a spider or let it live

What moments do you strive to create in your life?


Favorite day of week and why?

Monday, because it's the day of the moon.

Spaceship La Selva Beach House Beklina

PS- My mother is shown wearing the lina rennell knit cardigan. It's apart of her "uniform" and she owns over 20 of them! -though 18 are black.