Interview With Jenna And Cary From Ace & Jig

Ace & Jig Interview On Beklina

When I think of Ace & Jig, I think gorgeous timeless textiles, the very textiles that led me to open Beklina. Enjoy our interview below, but if you're like me, you'll just be wanting to know more about these amazing women. Hence, Jenna I hope to be watching the Ace & Jig documentary some day!

“We tell ourselves stories in order to live” …what is the story you are currently telling about yourself?

Jenna- Wanderlust! travel addicted and loving every last minute of seeing as much of this globe as possible, and sharing this mission with my kiddos. 


If you could have your mother or father cook you any meal what would it be?

Jenna- My mama, prairie style Christmas dinner complete with her homemade stuffing and huge array of deserts.

Cary- Mama, she cooks farm style for usually a large crowd. Her staple, and what makes me feel like home, is a roast chicken, roast veggies, rice and gravy, homemade bread and butter and local Maine ice cream!

What’s the best advice you have been given?

Jenna- When faced with a difficult change; If you don't take the risk, are you going to regret it?

Cary- A tie between "you don't know how strong you can be." & "What you tolerate you perpetuate."

What’s something about your job as designers that most people would be surprised to know...

Jenna- Only a small percentage is creative, as business owners there's a huge amount of really unsexy stuff we do on a daily basis... but this makes it all the more challenging and rewarding.

Cary- DITTO Jenna!

Do you have a hobby that is completely un-work related?

Jenna- Love of art... museums, creating, admiring, & learning about. Also obsessed with documentaries.

Cary- Hobby when running your own business, being a mom, a wife, a woman!! HA! that's funny. My hobby is reading whenever I get the chance. I also love having people over and hosting loose fun and warm gatherings usually involving wild kids and tipsy parents.

If you had to leave the states where would you live?

Jenna- Nowhere for too long, have to keep moving. A traveling caravan?

Cary- Montenegro or Croatia, fell in love there last summer.

Do you see your style changing when you get older and what about when you’re 80, how do you imagine your style.

Jenna- As we collect more, its more & more fun to layer, mix it up. So probably just a continual increase in eccentricity as the years roll by.

Cary- Iris Apfel but with long grey braids!

Ace & Jig Interview On Beklina

Last movie

Jenna- India's Daughter & Sing Street

Cary- I can't remember; its been that long.

Last book

Jenna: The First Bad Man by Miranda July

Cary: The Secret History by Donna Tartt

Last thing you ate

Jenna- Sushi, beer & maltesers

Cary- Black truffle ravioli and rose wine

Last airplane ride

Jenna- 3 days ago, back from Victoria, BC

Cary- 3 weeks ago to Virginia for a big ol' backyard southern family wedding

Last hard choice

Jenna- Business decisions, every day

Cary- School choice for kids

Last gift you received

Jenna- Travel

Cary- Massage

Last purchase

Jenna- Vintage military underthings

Cary- Vintage tees from A Current Affair vintage show in Brooklyn

Last thing you’re coveting at Beklina

Jenna- Azilal Rug 

Cary- Palantines texo lace up sandal

Last dream

Jenna- Lena Dunham encounter

Cary- That I had received certain emails which I had not. Just minor work anxiety ;)

Last argument

Jenna- Took the wrong turn on a hike 

Cary- Parenting

Last comfort

Jenna- Wild mess of flowers in my yard

Cary- Tea in bed with a good book

Last kiss

Jenna- Every morning wake-up from my kids

Cary- Drop off school kisses

Ace & Jig Interview On Beklina

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