Boob Trend & Interview

Boob towel / BEKLINA

The boob trend has been thriving for several years, and I don't mind if it stays put. As in.....  "She was sporting a classic boob motif with loafers and matching cardigan set." There's no doubt that the love and draw to ta-tas is forever. Who doesn't love boobies? 

In my mind Gravel and Gold is responsible for sparking the current trend of boob illustrations on textiles. And not only did they spark it, but they added a fresh twist, that being real boobs. -mom boobs, big and small, uneven, all kinds.

Here is our interview with Tomra Palmer, from Gravel & Gold....

How did the boob towel get born? Where did it come from?

We've been printing the "Boobs" since 2012 when Cassie Mcgettigan, inspired by all the mermaids around her, designed it for Gravel & Gold. At that time the most obvious place to print the "Boobs" seemed to be a sheer, oversized shirt that is was possible to breastfeed in. From there we came to put them on other thoughtful items like pillowcases (for sweet dreams) and big tote bags for hauling. As time went on, the requests came in for other items to be adorned by boobs. A fluffy towel seemed like a natural item to add to the assortment. Dry off your boobs with boobs! You've got nothing to hide!  

Boob towel

What’s the wildest or weirdest thing you’ve ever created or wanted to?

We really enjoy creating environments and have done a couple of interactive installations. For our booth at the West Coast Craft fair this summer we created a California wetlands tableau, inspired by the Coyote Hills Regional Park. 

Along with our friends at Social Studies Shop, we launched an all yellow concept store called Color Theory. The pop-up will last all summer and we have hopes of turning the idea into a permanent shop and creative outlet. 

Most unlikely, or strangest, source of inspiration?

We get a lot of inspiration from the produce at nearby farmers markets. The bountiful fruit and vegetables available year round in California give us a sensorial feast, which flavor the vibe, the colors, and the textures of our designs, events and gatherings.

What moments do you strive to create in your life? 

We often collaborate with other artists and designers, and we get really jazzed during successful group brainstorms. We love all sorts of community building, and there is nothing more satisfying than creative expression made bigger and badder through the collaborative process.

Boob Towel Paradise Ridge

You can find the boob towel here. Be warned, when you arrive at the beach you'll get a lot of attention, and requests in the form of what they want for their next birthday.

If anyone has more info on the boob trend origins or trajectory, please email me at I'm curious.