Carmella On Location In NYC Covering The Fort Makers Planter Show

The Planter Show was a group exhibition of sculptural containers for plant life. 40 contemporary artists created over 40 works displayed at Fort Makers New York, NY from September 25–November 19, 2020.

The plants themselves were curatorial elements, not predestined for the planters; the relationship between them emerges from “humanity’s enduring effort to establish meaningful, nondestructive relationships with the natural world, and examines the power of the vessel as a sacred container and conceptual metaphor”.

Today, it seems impossible to detach from our setting. In covid era times, one of our only unmediated relationships is with nature, especially when confined in a New York City apartment during quarantine. These plants concomitantly root us to our natural beings, as well as permit us to transcend our daily ruts. The colors and whimsy in the show displaced me in a pre-covid era, so did their freedom. Sitting together, after coming from all over the world, without masks, without six feet separations, they look untouchable. The individual facades, and souls endowed by the  planters serve as a reminder that an allowance to live and thrive extends beyond you and I.

xx Carmella

Find Fort Makers on instagram here: @fortmakers

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