Mini Interview chain.. Cristina Camacho / artist

Beklina is obsessed, and inspired, with Columbian artist Cristina Camacho. She's currently showing at Praxis in NY till the end of the month.

See our mini interview below. Keeping true to our "chain style" of Q & A, questions below are being asked by Shara Of Lotfi.

What's your alternate, fantasy occupation that has nothing to do with what you currently do?

Pianist! I wish I could play Philip Glass or Dirk Maassen's compositions. Also, illustrator of a botanical expedition of an undiscovered territory.

What activity brings you comfort?

6.00 pm. The sun is starting to set. It's not too dark outside but you need to turn on the lights (the kind of light that has a yellowish/warmer color). It gets colder and quieter. I am by myself and I just sit down in my comfy chair at the studio. I put some music on the speakers and I just sit. Staring at the paintings, I could stay there for hours. Just looking.

Do you have any recommendations? (a book, movie, or thing to do)

Any book by Haruki Murakami. I would start with Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage. But my ultimate favorite is The Wind-up Bird Chronicle.

Are you a people person or a solitary person, or somewhere in between?

Both. From Monday to Friday I think of myself as a solitary person. I live and work by myself, so I normally don't see a lot of people. But during the weekends I can't stand being alone, I need to be with people all the time.