Mini Interview With Jacki Holland

What’s your background? 

I was born and raised in St.Louis, but I really did most of my growing up in Chicago, where I spent half my life. I went to Columbia University for fashion design, but ended up leaving early to work full time at the Robin Richman boutique. I was there for ten years and consider my time with Robin to be a more important education. I ran the store and traveled with Robin as the assistant buyer. It was there I also begin designing jewelry.

Where do you live/work?

I live in an a-frame tucked away in the woods in middle Tennessee. My studio is a small closet of a room within the house that has one skylight with an amazing view.   

How did you get into making jewelry and beading?

I have always made simple pieces over the years, but not until working at Robin Richman's store did I start producing a line of jewelry. My line really evolved over time to include the beading I do now. I had always created separate embroidered textiles that included beadwork, and soon I was using the same technique on my jewelry. 

Do you work in other mediums?

Most of my work combines my beadwork with different stones... Currently I am binding and shaping horsehair into pendants, collars and wall hangings. My beadwork is still apart of the design and will most likely be a part of future creations... It's become my signature in a way.   

What colors are you most drawn to right now?

Dusty pinks, chalky whites, deep forest green, foggy grey, inky blues and black 

Favorite travel destination or place to venture?

Paris for travel destination, and the woods behind my house for a place to venture. 

Soup or cereal?


Favorite low-brow indulgence?

Soft serve ice cream 

See Jacki's work here.