Prairie Underground New Arrivals & Mini Interview With Davora

Seattle's Prairie Underground has been with Beklina from the beginning. We rely on Prairie for flattering, timeless, and very cool cuts. And I can't leave out their sustainable fabrics, like organic cotton. Camilla Eckersley and Davora Lindner are the two independent and talented woman who make up the line. Below is a mini interview with Davora...

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Prairie Underground

Coffee or tea? -and if so how do you take it

All of the above, with cream and sugar on weekends in the winter.  
When I lived in Minneapolis I drank the most exquisite teas from La Société du Thé.  In the Pacific Northwest I’m partial to Kuma Coffee and Heart Roasters.

Last meal

A boiled egg and toast, organic mixed vegetables and left over macaroni salad from Maruta, a Japanese Deli in Georgetown. Aside from the delicious macaroni salad, it’s not an uncommon lunch.

What books are on your nightstand

The Stephen Sprouse Book by Roger and Mauricio Padilla and I’ll Never Write my Memoirs by Grace Jones and Paul Morley.  Also rereading books on Yves St. Laurent in preparation for a retrospective of his work at Seattle Art Museum.

What are listen to these days?

Blond by Frank Ocean on the plane, Cheetah by Aphex Twin in the car, and Princess Nokia’s 1992 at work.

Favorite collection from your work?

Usually the one we’re working on. There are pieces I’m fond of, like the Glam Dress we recently posted online. We had some archived inventory of this unusual dress kept around for posterity.  It’s our version of a very popular style of dress. It looks like deadstock from a time capsule that leaked.

Favorite fabric?


What moments do you strive to create in your life?  

Time away from computers

If you weren't a clothing designer, what would you be?

At the beginning of this project I assumed I would return to making art someday and I probably will.

Favorite underwear?

We’re working on that right now,  a new line called womxn’s rites.

Coveting anything at Beklina?

Rachel Comey’s Mars Mule boot is really something.

Below is a vintage photo from late 90's of the Davora Camilla. Davora is on the right :)

Camilla And Davora Of Prairie Underground Vintage Photo From 1990's