Q & A With Artist Annie Swiderski

Annie Swiderski is a artist and curator. You can see her work here, and @annie.swiderski

Angelina: What was your very first job ever?
Annie: My first job wasn’t for money; it was in exchange for room, and board and it was to be a thoughtful human under my mother’s roof. 
What are you working on currently?
A project space called The American Institute of Thoughts and Feelings in Tucson, AZ. It’s a rotating gallery as well as a sculpture garden, which doesn’t include any of my personal work but involves lots of organizing and yard maintenance. Gardening and landscaping has been a major creative outlet lately.

Do you collect anything?
Special rocks, turkey feathers, usable material, pink miniatures of various creatures for my dashboard, I also have a bag of tricks I’m consistently adding to.
How do you work? Approach a new project, painting?
There’s an ebb and flow, painting feels a lot like doing chores in the sense that I will procrastinate for a long time at first, then finally once I get to it I realize how good it feels and wonder why I ever put it off in the first place.
What is a reoccurring thought/s currently you've been experiencing?
I’ve been taking note lately of how applicable the phrase “thank you” can replace times I’d usually say “I’m sorry”. My friend taught me that, and it’s completely shifted my way of speaking. Another thought I’ve been having is that one of my biggest aspirations is to one day know something about the world.
Please give us a little weird trivia about your personal style...
I have an inadvertent attraction to thrift store clothes that are late 80’s Liz Claiborne’s sport brand. This also tends to match my dance moves.
If you were a fruit, what would you be?
A champagne mango.