Q&A With Artist Maisie Broome

Artist, designer, and creator of MYFAWNWY, Maisie Broome, and her psychedelic work, has captivated us over at Beklina. Her work explores the transformative effects of nature that can be seen in her vivid sculptures, prints, textiles, clothing, and more. Her use of color is heavenly!


Where did you grow up? How has it affected your work?

I grew up as the daughter of island caretakers on a remote island off the coast of Maine where we were very isolated. We lived completely off the grid and I spent my days making art and exploring nature. Much of my work still draws on the deep connection I had with my environment and the patterns, textures and colors of that landscape. I feel very connected to my early childhood, where the potential for magic lay everywhere.

What do you collect?

Lately, I have been collecting tufted rug wall hangings and paintings made by contemporary and emerging artists that I admire. Often times, I am able to collect pieces by trading for work of my own. I love a good barter!

Have you been able to draw anything positive out of your experience during Covid? It can be big or tiny…

This has been such a horrific time for so many, with lasting impacts we haven’t even experienced yet. One small positive I have found is having more time to spend with my partner, who is usually working overtime as a piano tuner. I feel extremely lucky to have such wonderful companionship during this scary time.

Did you like school growing up? 

I was home-schooled for much of my childhood, and the few years I did spend in public school I struggled to adapt. Now, however, I almost crave being in a classroom setting, and have plans to enroll in some classes once things open up again and it feels safe to do so.

Is there something you’re itching to make, but you haven’t tackled it yet because the scale is big or demanding?

I have plans to make some big marbled quilts, with lots of expressive and colorful marbled faces all over them. I have never sewn a finished quilt before, and although I have already printed many of the fabrics for it, I haven’t delved into stitching them all together yet. It might be a project I put on hold until next winter when I can get cozy with it, watch some quilting tutorials and work away at it in the evenings.

The silk curtains you recently made are gorgeous, are they all hand marbled? For large scale projects like that, do you make them from prints of your original art? 

Every thing I make is from a one-of-a-kind print. I have tried digital printing but feel that the special and subtle qualities of the textile get lost. Although printing everything by hand is time consuming, I think it allows for a deeper connection with each project, design, and client. For the curtains, I printed them in the largest marbling bath I have ever made, about 7 feet by 5 feet.

Do you have a penchant for anything ugly? 

I love the odd, the bizarre, the abandoned and the imperfect. I have a special place in my heart for lumpy ceramics, awkward thrift store art, and clashing patterns and colors. 

What is your favorite simple thing that you eat all the time? 

Marmite on toast with a cup of tea.

See Maisie's Lime Sandals here, and follow her @myfawnwy & MYFAWNWY