Q & A With Yasmine Of anyonegirl

Anyonegirl is one of my virtual haunts that I go to for inspiration. Yasmine, the woman behind the blog, partnered with Beklina and shot our Gogo Bikini and Scarf Visor at Minnehaha Beach, New Zealand. 

True to my curious nature, I asked Yasmine 7 questions, see below. Don't get me wrong; I could ask a lot more than 7. None the less, 7 is a good number, and why not appeal to the theme of "balance" that is in the air.

Angelina: What was your very first job ever?

Yasmine: I was a "nymph" painted gold and wearing only a few leaves, "dancing" in a waterfall for a millionaire's garden party. It was cold and there were so many frogs in the water. 

I was probably 14 or 15 years old, it was totally inappropriate and would be hard to get away with these days! I was there with my dancer friend Renee and we were whispering to each other as we'd cross the party floor, snickering and counting down the time. We were well paid, and fed. It took longer to be painted gold than it did to do the gig. 

A: Are you native to New Zealand? 

Y: Yes, I've done a full circle. I grew up in Titirangi, and then moved away from home at 17-years-old and studied Contemporary Dance in Wellington. Then I moved to New York for a couple of years, and am now back living in Titirangi with my partner and daughter. 

A: When was the last time you felt culture shock?

Y: Riding a bus through the mountains of La Paz, Bolivia. I saw some things that will never leave my memory. 

A: I've always said if I had to leave California, New Zealand is the country I would move to. If you had to leave, what country would you move to? 

Y: My mother is French, so I would move to France, somewhere quiet and in the South so I could have access to the sea, but in close enough proximity to the train to take me to galleries. 

A: Two favorite instagram feeds...

Y: Can't pick two!

@tlcstore.co  #tlcencyclopedia always great book finds

@nadia_gohar @claireokeefe @glen.prentice @susancianciolo 

A: Please give us a weird little trivia fact about your personal style...  

Y: Since having a little girl, I want to dress like one. And vice-versa, I want to dress her like a mini-me! 

A: In the last few months, what is something, big or small, in which you are grateful. 

Y: My, and my family's health. Sunshine in winter. My home-care lady that looks after my little girl so I can skive off to the local library each week.

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