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Lina Rennell

Lina Rennell Sheepskin

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A lush & soft as air faux sheepskin. 100% organic wool with an organic knit cotton backing/bottom. Available in three sizes, small, medium & large. Please email for custom sizing. The "sheepskins" are thick enough to use as area rugs, with a pile that sits up 1 1/2".  Works great as bedding, baby blankets, and are animal friendly & dye free.

Small: Aprox 30" x 28" ($310.) -chair throw, pet mat or small rug

Medium: Aprox 48" x 48" ($390.) -a good sized throw blanket

Large: Aprox 65" x 80" ($780.) -covers a queen sized bed

Lina Rennell designs native modern, art driven textiles and objects. Rennell incorporates green fabrics and practices in all her work. Her collections are emotional, personal, strong and feminine. Rennell's wares are ethically made in Northern California.

Made in California.

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